SMS Marketing Services

SMS Marketing Services

Reach Out to Prospective Customers with SMS Marketing Services

SMS marketing services involve promotion campaigns or sending transactional messages to target recipients via SMS. 

It is a popular form of communication that helps to increase revenue, and build customer trust for your brand.

Stay connected with your customer base to improve client experience, engagement, and manage retention.

Text message marketing is a successful and cost-effective marketing channel for small businesses to large organizations. 

Firstly, text messages have a higher engagement rate. 93% of messages are seen and responded to within a few minutes. 

According to statistics, this marketing service has a 19% Click-Through-Rate and around 45% conversion rate. This is much higher than any other marketing strategy, especially traditional ones.

Secondly, this marketing strategy is time-sensitive, which means your audience gets an update immediately after you send it. 

Also, provides two-way communication between brands and consumers, from their comfort zones. 

What else? You can keep track of messages being sent, received, read, and spammed/responded to.

How to opt-in to a bulk SMS marketing service?

Before you start such a service, make sure you gain the consumer’s consent. This will ensure you about their interest in your brand messages and get rid of hefty penalties for spamming their device.

Provide an opt-out option for the consumers, if they are not willing to receive your texts.

Also, avoid sending messages too often or during non-business hours.

To start a campaign you need to collect customer information, and this involves good website development. At Digital Mind Web Solution, we help you with creating the best websites and offer various marketing strategies.

How can your business use an SMS message marketing service?

We provide the best SMS marketing services that are convenient for your customers as well as your business. 


Reach more people: Send out text messages to a bulk audience at a time, and keep them updated about your business.


Customize message: We provide you with customizable texts to make your customers happy and connected with the brand.


Announcements: Details about coupons, discounts, sales, and other important announcements can be made via text messages.


Track results: You can track the results of your text messages and look at how they are performing. With a response or live dashboard view, you can make changes to your marketing strategy.


Customer engagement: With a two-way communication channel, you can engage customers and learn about their requirements.


Lead Generation: When your customers know you well or stay updated with the right business information, they get attracted.


Benefits of hiring us as an SMS message marketing service

To generate greater leads and sales, it is important to have a better website. Our SEO strategies boost your website traffic and help in converting visitors to customers.

We work with a group of experts who conduct research on competitors and customers regularly and provide solutions for business growth. 

We also ensure greater ROI on advertising strategies, provide unique content, google analytics, and thematic links.

Improved Brand Awareness

Increased Your Leads and Sales